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EDDIES 2004 Survey 1 cruise: OCEANUS 404-1
CTD profile data processing notes

PI: Dennis McGillicuddy (WHOI)

01 November 2007: Prepared for OCB data system by Cyndy Chandler, BCO-DMO (WHOI).

Data were reprocessed in June 2007 by Olga Kosnyreva (WHOI) using the standard set of Seabird utilities, to generate final 1-decibar pressure sorted downtrace files for all CTD casts. All final processed *.cdn CTD files were downloaded by the OCB DMO on 31 November 2007 from the EDDIES web site:

A perl script was used by the DMO to extract data from the .cdn files. The event number, date, time, latitude and longitude position information were taken from the CTD header records in the .cdn data files. Data were reprocessed in March 2006 to extract secondary sensor data and add derived parameters. Data were reprocessed again in June 2007, to recalculate fluorometry data (chlorophyll) after comparison with data from Niskin bottle samples. Data from the ISUS Nitrate sensor (ISUS_NO3 and ISUS_ch2) were processed, but have been removed from the data set.

Final CTD station header record showing history of processing steps:

Final CTD station configuration report files:
ConReport file station 1 and 2
ConReport file station 9
ConReport file station 3-65 (except 9)

Two README files were also contributed by Olga Kosnyreva:
processing notes README (dimensional processing)
CTD Fluorescence README

Several parameters were calculated using MATLAB Physical Properties of Seawater Toolbox and then added to the CTD cast data by the OCB DMO:
Depth   [ sw_dpth.m ]
Z=sw_dpth(P,LAT); % avg LAT = 31 North
Potential Temperature   [ sw_ptmp.m ]