Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Steering Committee (OCB-SSC)

The U.S. Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Steering Committee (OCB-SSC) was formed in February 2006. The first eight members (Doney-Sabine) also constitute the Ocean Carbon and Climate Change Scientific steering Group (OCCC-SSG). The OCCC-SSG group was established by the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program with a specific charge to address coordination across the multi-agency U.S. ocean carbon effort. The US OCB-SSC was created jointly by NSF, NASA and NOAA and will more broadly focus on marine biogeochemistry (including carbon) and a variety of ocean science research communities.

Steering Committee Membership List

Scott Doney (WHOI) sdoney@whoi.edu [chair]
Bob Anderson (LDEO) boba@ldeo.columbia.edu
Mary-Elena Carr (JPL) mec@pacific.jpl.nasa.gov
Richard Feely (NOAA/PMEL) richard.a.feely@noaa.gov
Dave Karl (U Hawaii) dkarl@hawaii.edu
Brent McKee (UNC) bmckee@unc.edu
Galen McKinley (U Wisconsin) galen@aos.wisc.edu
Chris Sabine (NOAA/PMEL) chris.sabine@noaa.gov

Ginger Armbrust (UW) armbrust@ocean.washington.edu
Kathy Barbeau (Scripps) kbarbeau@ucsd.edu
Debbie Bronk (VIMS) bronk@vims.edu
Joanie Kleypas (NCAR) kleypas@ucar.edu
Steve Lohrenz (USMississippi) steven.Lohrenz@usm.edu
Wade McGillis (LDEO) mcgillis@ldeo.columbia.edu
Mark Ohman (Scripps) mohman@ucsd.edu
Tammi Richardson (USCarolina) richardson@biol.sc.edu

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