OCB Data Collection

Description of OCB Data Collection

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) data collection is the result of a collaboration of contributing, targeted, mid-sized ocean biogeochemical research programs.

The participating programs all share a common measurement paradigm and they have no common "home" on the web beyond their project-specific web pages. This data collection residing at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is a first attempt at a unified biogeochemistry data portal.  In time, it is our goal to build a common interface that will provide unified access to the OCB database as well as the U.S. JGOFS database co-located at WHOI.

As resources become available in the future, it is our intention that additional programs will be identified and given the opportunity to contribute to this federated library of ocean science data.

Database Access

To access the full collection of data contributed so far from the participating projects, click on the Data button or go to http://ocb.whoi.edu/jg/dir

Original data may also still be available from the main web sites associated with each of the participating projects.  Access project web sites by visiting the appropriate links in the left column of this page.

Database Description

Coordinated data management efforts can play a key role in facilitating scientific research. The OCB DMO is building an online object-oriented relational database of data from selected ocean carbon and biogeochemistry themed projects. The OCB DMO will work with the lead PI and data managers from the participating projects to add their data to the growing OCB Data Collection. A parameter name dictionary is being developed as data is added to the database (OCB parameter dictionary).

The OCB data collection is organized by project. Within each project, data entities are organized by cruise, and then by data type. As many data entities as possible will be loaded into a relational database, the backend of which is the JGOFS Distributed Data Management System (DDMS).
More information about the JGOFS DDMS »

  The online relational database supports dynamic interaction with the data allowing users to customize subsets of data and download data in a variety of formats. Please refer to the copyright and terms of use document for complete citation recommendations.

OCB Data Management Office Presentations

The OCB DMO gives presentations and presents posters as a means of sharing our philosophy of data management with lead PIs, researchers and data managers from the participating projects and the extended scientific community. See a representative list below.

U.S. JGOFS Data Management: Data Management in the Wild (PPT or PDF)

July 2006: poster by C.Chandler and D.M.Glover
at the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop at WHOI, Woods Hole, MA
Summary: lessons learned from years of data management experience associated with U.S. JGOFS are translated into best practice guidelines.

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funding is provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation