SOFeX multi-ship cruise track animation

The short animation below was downloaded in March 2007 from the SOFeX project Web site hosted at MBARI. It was originally published as a .avi format file (compatible with Windows Media Player or Real Player software), and has been converted to Flash by the OCB DMO.

Please use the controls below to begin playing a brief animation depicting the ship tracks of all three vessels that participated in the SOFeX sampling cruises during austral summer 2002. The animation begins with the R/V Revelle departing Lyttelton, NZ and heading south toward the SOFeX study area. The R/V Revelle ship track is represented by red dots, the R/V Melville ship track is green, the USCGC Polar Star ship track is blue and the North (N) patch drifter is black. There is no audio track.

[ Click here to download the .avi format file for viewing with Windows Media or Real Player. ]


funding is provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation