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SOFeX 2002 Revelle cruise
DMO processing notes for pigments data

PI: Robert Bidigare (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
      and Michael Landry (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego)

27 March 2007: Prepared for OCB data system by Cyndy Chandler, OCB DMO (WHOI).

Original Excel file contributed by Susan Brown (UH, Manoa): copy of original Excel file

Data set was originally added to the OCB data collection in January 2007. Following a quality control review done by Susan Brown (UH, Manoa), the following changes were made to the data set:

  1. metadata differences were resolved between CTD and cruise event log, so they are now consistent
    and all cast metadata has been taken from the event log
  2. station 11 event number changed to reflect that this was an SIO2 cast (not SIO1 which failed)
  3. station 23 corrected to be type SIO1 (not a TM cast); event and time changed